Offline Is The New Luxury

Do you ever feel like you need a second? Just a break from the typical every day routine?

Time away from your phone, texts, computer, emails? The constant “to do” list?

Naturally with it being summer, I feel like the fear of missing out is so great among us millennials right now. That “want” to be at the rooftop pool party, that Tuesday night concert in Nashville, or even just drinks with a group of friends. Do you ever feel like it is hard to just say “no?” To just step back and do things that you want to do?

I do. Every day.


I continue to add so much to my plate, and take on too much that I can’t handle most days. I get tired, no, exhausted. Often I find myself worrying about those things and lose sight of the bigger picture. The things that make me happy, and that make Shelby….Shelby.

People-pleasers, we all know them or are one.

Day to day, I know my job as an influencer is to share, encourage, and inspire others. No one can do all of those things, and keep their sanity, without taking time for themselves. I have to step back and recharge; I have to become re-inspired by life and even fashion in order to do my job without 1. Hating it 2. Losing myself 3. Losing you all as an audience to hear what I have to say. With an industry based around experience and connection, I have to ask myself what I can do to be authentic and truly be of help to others.


Recently I took a ‘content trip’ down to my happy place, 30A in Florida! I was fortunate to collaborate with Fancy Camps, a luxury camping experience located in Topsail Hill State Park and a second location at Grayton Beach State Park. Immediately, my heart felt lifted by the vision of the tents. Back in their own nook and cranny of the camp site. Seeing the string lights hanging from palm tree to palm tree. The fire pit with chairs welcoming your tush to go sit and relax over a s’more. The homey-ness of the (air conditioned) tent itself. Simple and inviting. Feeling secluded, yet safe because of all the other campers nearby. Listening to the kids giggle as they rode by on their bikes or played on the playground and shuffleboards. I felt 8 again, looking up at the point of the tent while lying on the bed. Already mentally planning my next trip down to show my friends how amazing this place is.



Staying at Fancy Camps was a breath of fresh air. Walking the half mile to the beach access at sunrise, seeing the other campers waking up with a cup of coffee doing the morning walk to the beach. The quietness alone was what I needed that morning to appreciate what I do and remind me of why I do it. So, I can learn about these new experiences and share them with you all, so you can make this journey with your family, friends, even just yourself if you too need a recharge.



Truly, going to Fancy Camps with your girlfriends, significant other, or even your mom, is the perfect chance to unplug from this crazy world and just live in the moment. Going completely offline is such a freeing feeling that we all need to experience and remind ourselves of if we want to continue growing as individuals.

Walking to the beach, heck even walking to the community bathrooms was refreshing. There is something to be said about completely going offline and focusing on your friendships, relationships, inner thoughts that can change your outlook on SO many things.


The connection that my heart was craving before this trip was met that morning, waking up in the tent, feeling the sun come up and the light started to come in through the tent. Walking to see God’s work rise above His ocean. I needed that small push back to my relationship with God that I have been working on the last few months. I needed the reminder that there is a plan in this crazy life as an influencer, He wants me to use my words for more.


The experience and reconnection are what I needed and found. I needed to re-prioritize my thoughts and goals. I needed to come to terms with some friendships that I have outgrown. I needed to prioritize my relationship with God again, I concluded my season of hurt and realized I was entering my season of growth as a 22-year-old.

Maybe some of you feel the same way and that’s why you are reading this. To be reminded that IT IS OKAY to step away for a few days, to recharge and reset your priorities. We are all in a different season of life right now. Listen to those around you. Listen to your body. Listen to His word. You will find your answers if you slow down, go offline, and remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.

Be present. Be love. Make tea. Eat the cinnamon roll. Embrace conversation. Run. Make art. Create. Swim in the ocean. Walk in the rain. Let go of what doesn’t make you happy. Grow.



If you are like me, and simply just need a few days to re-align with yourself (or others), do yourself a favor. Go to Grayton Beach. Book a few nights in a tent. Walk to the beach with a cup of coffee, sit your butt right on the sand, and watch the sun rise at 5 a.m. I promise you will remember that view and how you felt much more than going to a rooftop pool party right now. You owe it to yourself to take alone time, to get lost in your own thoughts, to grow as a 20 something.

Be so in touch with yourself that you can walk away with the answer to this question: What makes your soul feel at peace?

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