Turning 21 is all fun and games, until you realize you need to throw a bomb pre-game! All of the decorations are super easy and do-able for a last minute celebration.

I started by moving the kitchen table out of the way so everyone would have room to move around. This opened up a place to take pictures because we all know a girl has to have a pic or it didn’t happen.

I set out champagne glasses with pink cotton candy in them for something fun and girly for everyone to drink from. I tied ribbons around the champagne to bring some color to the bottles. Confetti and balloons are always a good idea to add to a table set-up as  well.

The Jack Daniels Downhome Punch carriers caught my eye because of the color- duh. I put parchment paper twisted into a cone to hold the snacks in each section of the holder, then filled it with Whoppers, pretzels, and Muddy Buddies.

There were also shot glasses sitting around with pink chocolate candy in them. The picture in the middle is an empty Vodka bottle filled with this candy as well.

I had mini wine bottles on the table and Jack Daniels coolers for all the girls to drink throughout the night.

Since I moved the table, the chandelier was awkwardly hanging in the middle of the room. I threw some ribbon on it, and BOOM, instant chandelier disco ball. The picture on the right are champagne bottle confetti poppers. My mom printed off “Shelby is finally 21!” and glued them on the bottles so that they would be personalized and were super cute decorations until I popped them all.

My all time favorite thing to have in my house are flowers, so having this beautiful arrangement in the center of my kitchen made my heart so happy.


I hope a few of these idea can help make your day, or a friend’s day, fun and full of pink sparkles. Until then, alcohol you later 😉


Shelby Lynn

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