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Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog, Sincerely, Shelby Lynn. If you are looking for a bohemian, athleisure look, mixed in with a whole lot of lifestyle, this is the site for you. We’ll talk about how to look high fashion with staple pieces, how to style athletic leggings with a casual top, and a whole lot of life in between there.

I value how the social media community can come together over certain topics and I want my blog to be a place for discussion, girl talk, and tips and tricks that we can all use to make each day a little easier!

A little about me.. I recently graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn. I studied Journalism and Public Relations! Being born and raised in the Nashville area has taught me a lot about how cities can grow and transform into these amazing places that people want to visit and relocate. Not to mention the connections that can be made in a city as amazing as Nashville. There is always something going on around here, which means there is never a dull moment! I am so excited to share all of these fun events, activities, restaurants, and local boutiques with you all.

I have a 1 ½ year old English Mastiff named Shiloh. She might be 140 lbs. but she is a lap dog… seriously the dog sits in my lap if I am on the floor. She has the kindest little soul and is the light of my life! I have so many funny stories to share about her and life lessons that having a dog on my own has taught me.

Along the way I want to share stories and things about myself with you all, but I also want to hear from you! I love that social media allows us to connect with one another in a non-intimidating way. My hope is that I can connect with you guys and together we can create a sincere community and friendship.


Shelby Lynn

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